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from June 30th to July 14th 2009

Estonia - a small piece of land in Northern Europe, which you can fall in love with… where the trees grow like bridges from the earth to the sky, where the stones speak; where in the silence and solitude of the remote moorlands the ancestors are at home and invite us to meet the timelessness in us … We will walk in forests, listen to waterfalls telling the myths of this land and let the singing of the sea sound in us; we will bath in a traditional Estonian Sauna. During our journey we will be able to perceive a gentle hug of the Mother Earth in thick forests, in colorful meadows and sandy caves; to follow the whisper of the Grandfather Air at the Baltic seacoast; to contemplate with Grandfather Fire at night and take a bath in the fresh and healthy moor lake water … The Nature offers to us much tranquility and space to dive into our own internal forest and the possibility of listening to the voice of our hearts.

Arrival June 30th: In the evening arrival in Tallinn (capital of Estonia). Transfer to the hotel. Overnight accommodation in the hotel.

1st Day (July 01st): In the morning we take the bus to the oldest known stone cemetery in Estonia called Rebala (8-7 a.a.c.) Different ritual stones. We visit the Jägala Waterfall (8m). In the evening arrival in Liimala. Circle of sharing. Camp fire. Overnight accommodation in tents at the northern seacoast.

2nd Day (July 02nd): In the morning a bath in the sea. In the afternoon walking in the nature park Kurtna. Circle of sharing. Overnight accommodation in tents in Liimala.

3rd Day (July 03rd): The Valaste waterfall opens for us the history book of this land. We drive by bus along the largest lake Peipsi at the East border of Estonia. The lake tells its legends. Overnight accommodation in the guesthouse Valgemetsa in the Southeast of the country.

4th Day (July 04th): Visiting the place called „The Empire of Ants “. Walking. In the evening circle of sharing and contemplation with the Grandfather Fire. Overnight accommodation in the guesthouse Valgemetsa.

5th Day (July 05th): Canoeing on the river Ahja. Forests, water, sandstone bank in the Southeast of Estonia. Walking in the places, which are connected to the legends of this area. Visiting and spending the night in the caves.

6th Day (July 06th): In the morning driving to the camping house „Sunset “at the moorland lake Meenikunno. Bath in the moorland lake.

7th Day (July 07th): We stay at the moorland lake and have a possibility of meeting voices, smells and colors of the day and the night. The world of the shadows and silence takes us 8000 years back. Bath in curative moor lake.

8th Day (July 08th): In the morning departing to Viruna, located in the western part of Estonia. Listening to the silence of night in moor. Typical Estonian Sauna. Circle of sharing. Overnight accommodation in the guesthouse.

9th Day (July 09th): At noon travel to Leesoja, a place in the proximity of the west coast. Walking in the forest. Overnight accommodation in tents.

10th Day (July 10th): We stay in Leesoja and its surroundings, making preparations for the sweat lodge in the evening. Overnight accommodation in tents.

11th Day (July 11th): Ritual with the Shaman Thule Lee. Circle of sharing. Campfire. Overnight accommodation in tents.

12th Day (July 12th): Walking in the morning. Farewell gathering at the seacoast. In the afternoon return to Tallinn. Overnight accommodation in the hotel in Tallinn.

13th Day (July 13th): Free day. Suggestion: the old town of Tallinn. Overnight accommodation in the hotel.

14th Day (July 14th): Transfer to the airport and departure

The price: 1.980 euro

The group: from 8 to 14 persons

The price contains:

We serve an egg-milk vegetarian diet.
- Accommodation: 3x in the hotel in Tallinn, 3x in guesthouse, 2x in the camping house, 5x in tents, 1x in caves.
- Tents
- Meals: milk-egg-vegetarian diet. In the hotel in Tallinn breakfast; during the journey in the nature full food supply. We will have a kitchen team, which prepares the meals for us.
- Transport: private bus during the whole journey, where we can leave our luggage over day; canoes on the river Ahja; airport transfer.
- All entrances and guides for places that we will visit
- The wood for campfires
- Local guide Tõnu Talimaa
- Ritual with the Shaman Thule Lee
- Circle of sharing, walking and rituals, inclusive sweat lodge with Alba Maria
- Translation from Estonian into English and German
- Translation from the Portuguese

Not including:

- Flight to Tallinn and back to origin
- Insurance
- Everything not mentioned above

Contact /further information: Ylle Pehk
Deadline for applications: 15 June 2009
Payment: 250 € by the registration and the remainder of 1730 € up to 15 June 2009

Conditions of Cancellation: With a travel resignation up to the 01st May 2009 the restitution of the prepayment is possible. With a travel resignation after this date the prepayment (250 €) will be retained.
- Requests of travel cancellation will have to be sent by email for the following address: Ylle Pehk

Good to know:
- This journey is not a tourist journey but an initiation journey; the proposal is to learn to know oneself through the paths of the Nature. Therefore, those, who have another conception, please inscribe/contact the respective competent travel agencies and/or travel guides.
- The travel route could be changed depending on the climatic conditions, politics and others of the same order.

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